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Getting our ducks in a row….

With summer starting up, and running full speed ahead. We are diving in to some fun community events here in the Longmont area.  If you are around town tonight stop over and see us the start of the G’Knight Ride    in Roosevelt Park.

And remember, Call us for your next Roof Check up!

The New Year is Here

With the New Year always come new changes and improvements. We here at Roof Check Inc. are excited to announce the new and improved design of our Roof Check trucks. Keep your eye out for our updated vehicles as they head out into your neighborhoods. The newer look helps advertise our broad spectrum of the roofing services offered here at Roof Check Inc. Help us embrace the New Year by calling the number on the back of the Roof Check trucks and letting us help you with all of your residential or commercial roofing needs. Happy New Year!

Safety Recognition

Safety Recognition continues this month!

During the month of September two of our team members were recipients of “Be Your Brother’s Keeper- Recognition Reward Program”. Roof Check Inc. holds safety and good workmanship in the highest regard, and that is reflected by our employees every day. This is very cool; we are honored to have such great team members that truly look out for one another.


Before Extreme Weather Rolls In…

Is your roof ready for the Colorado Fall?

Roof Check Inc.’s full service department is ready to help make sure your roofing system is ready for the colder months ahead. Let us help you find out if your roof will make it through the coming winter months. Now is the time to act and see if the spring and summer weather has caused any roofing damage that needs repaired before we see extreme weather.  Our service department will also make sure your roof is free of debris.

Outstanding Job Safety Recognition

This past August Roof Check Inc. field employees and the company were recognized by Fluor for maintaining outstanding safety while working on portions of the IBM project in Boulder Colorado. Each employee was given a commemorative coin from Fluor. Roof Check is grateful for the recognition of safety from such a highly regarded contractor. Job safety is an important daily goal here at Roof Check Inc., a goal that is taken seriously so that all employees go home at the end of the day.

Summer In Full Swing

Summer has been busy, we are proud of our workmanship and teamwork this summer. From your Residential needs to your Commercial Project needs we have our teams available to get your project complete.

Spring is Coming!

Is your roof ready for Spring in Colorado?
Our full service Commercial Repair and Residential Repair department is here to help maintain your roof! For Spring make sure your roof is free of debris, all penetrations are sealed properly to prevent any leaks that you may encounter in our spring rains. Making sure your roofing system is watertight.

Another Day At the Office

Roof Check Inc.’s office and shop sits across the street from a lovely open space. On a beautiful Wednesday morning, our employees had a chance too see a hot air balloon up close and personal. We embraced the feeling of spring with open arms just as the balloonists had. Our hard working employees enjoyed a nice break outside from the busy time of helping all of our esteemed customers with spring repairs and inspections.

Make sure and give us a call to help with all of your Colorado weather roofing needs! (Refer to Spring is Coming! Blog)